Thursday, September 23, 2010

COE Campgrounds

I have recently discovered the COE campgrounds. Very nice campgrounds and so far we are split 2/2 for nice and not as nice. Of the four campgrounds none has been a dump. However, two have been able to stand far above the other two.

Great COE campgrounds have been Potters Creek at Canyon Lake, and Bardwell Lake campground, the Waxahachie Creek cg. The two that were not up to these standards were Lake O the Pines Buckhorn Creek campground and Speegleville campground at Waco Lake. Buckhorn was very crowded camp sites and part of the park lost water on a hot Saturday night. AKKK  The Waco Lake Speegleville campground was in great need of being manicured. Grass was knee high. I noticed wild cats at Speegleville and Potters Creek.

Camping at the COE park is a good thing, especially if you have a Golden Age card.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A new Year

I have not kept the blog up, nor have I posted pics. Not enough hours in the day. But then, I probably think I need to write lots of good and neat things and I really don't have to.

Today I scouted the route to the McAllen Airport, The Fairfield Inn on 83@Fairfield, the Victoria Palms RV Resort, the Farmers Market, shopped at HEB and came back to Bunkie. I decided to eat Kielbasa for supper and then get online for a bit. So now I am ready to wash my face and retire for the evening. Will do some birding Thursday. Pick up Jo on Friday morning and Eileen Friday afternoon and bird some more.

One whole week of daily birding....doesn't get much better.