Monday, June 30, 2014

Toketee Falls

During our tour of OR and on the way to a gathering of WomenRVers, I refer to as Sistahs, we stopped for a couple of nights at Toketee Falls National Forest campground. It is a nice campground and has access to a small lake for kayaking or canoeing and interesting areas around it for sight seeing.

We made the jaunt over to Toketee Falls, the actual falls. One of the interesting thing in the parking lot was this Redwood "pipe" that carries water, still yet today. It has a lot of holes that leak water and consequently there are many things growing on and beneath it.

A little explanation to help understand the area.

Nice path and not too strenuous, but no where handicapped accessible as they stated. Very large trees on the way, some down many still upright.

Now don't you think that there should be an American Dipper, dipping up and down in this river? Well not here, but one morning Liz and Thistle got that life bird on the river closer to the campground.

Don't want to see the dipper at this water pothole.

On the trail this great butt shot of Liz. The rocks and trees were amazing to see on this trail. It was really a short trail though it did have some pretty awesome feet elevation raise.

Then the Falls itself. Quite awesome!

Great little hike for a beautiful view. Was hot there that day and I was a happy flannel shirt or long legged pants!

The next day we took to the water. So these pics were taken with my little water-proof camera. The water where we put in was not as clear as it was out in the river a long shot. However, we saw otters there the day before, not today. 

Just viewing here. You can see how calm and reflect the water was for us.

On the way back to take out we saw this Bald Eagle at a distance. But great viewing it.

Great end to a great day.