Friday, September 7, 2012

Birds and Critters that I managed to shoot

Banff for the day

We spent the night at Mosquito Creek Campground. We were a little late pulling in so the sites were not great. But we finally got settled. Our plans for tomorrow are to sight see and find our campground at Castle Mountain, do some sight seeing and do Banff. Then there is this trail!!!!

So here we go…..

We couldn’t see the ducks way out there to the point where we could ID them.

I rode to the top and then back down. Hiked while at the top. It was fun, but don’t tell Liz!!!

Yep, Liz is dragging me up there! It is really a great path as it is boarded the whole way and it has some benches. The negative was all the kids running and the ‘other old folks’ who couldn’t make the trip or get out of the way. Of course, where you looked down you saw trash that people had dropped or thrown. It was really quite a great trip. Can’t imagine walking up the mountain from the bottom in the winter, nor can I imagine living up there for a week or two at a time – back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s – let alone 20 years ago!

Looking back to the Visitor Center at the top!

Pudgy critter getting ready for winter!

A Cooper’s Hawk in migration. Hunting for lunch, dinner or snack. Little critter needs to be on the look out. There were two of these hunters.

At top – what is is called and why.

Dated – 1897

That is the visitor center – way over there!

We came down off the mountain and headed back to the campground. We had decided to stop for a hike at a trail near our campground. It was crowded with the parking lot full and cars parked on the side of the road. When we got back it was nearly empty. So we started up to the Lower Falls.

We still have farther up to go???!!!!

I think that is it!!!!

That was a nice hike. Sure am glad that we did it. Stopped for ice cream cone at the bottom of the trail at the restaurant….don’t do it. Can you believe old ice cream!

Oh, well, we are just a few minutes from the campground and will do dinner and get ready for tomorrow.