Sunday, April 29, 2012

North to Oklahoma City

Well as I was leaving Lawton this a.m. Love's had lowered their gas from $3.499 to $3.459, so I pulled in and topped off Suite Pea...only 15 gallons. Sure enough I get down the road and it is $3.339. Don't you just love it! As my friend Liz would say, "it is what it is"!

I had an interesting drive up the toll road yesterday and today. I paid $3.00 for the first toll yesterday and it was 4 axles. Today at Chickasha toll booth I paid $3.25 for 4 axles and at Newcastle I paid $3.00 for 4 axles. The road was pretty nice and I only had a little sprinkles. I figure if I was able to beat the rain, it was worth it.

I am staying at the Rockwell RV Park. It is pretty large and they have added spaces to it. I find it surprising that the City isn't crawling with RV parks. After all it is in the center from Dallas/Ft Worth or Wichita Falls, and Kansas City, Wichita, Amarillo, Ft. Smith/Little Rock, a bit further for Denver and a little less for Tulsa. But it doesn't have that many. The additional spaces are probably for the oil frackers. It is sprinkling now and I hear thunder in the distance. This park also has a hidey hole for tornadic activity. (Yeah, if you want to have a tornado, they have a room for it!) Spaces are pretty close together, but then they are at most parks these days. Have a jazillion birds around here. I hear the Baltimore Oriole, Western Kingbird, EURO stars, collared doves, mockingbird, house sparrows, common grackles, saw a soaring Swainson's Hawk (what a beauty).

Had a friend come by for quick peak at my new digs. Will see her again before I leave. She is great to travel with and loves to travel. But she is doing that four letter word - W O R K!

Dentist tomorrow then hook up to hit the road early Tuesday as the forecast is "Windy". If it is too bad, I'll get off the road, but lots of times here the wind won't get up until around 11 or so. I will have about 150 miles. So that is about 3 hours. If I get a good start I could be there before noon. And if it is a really good start I'd be there before heat build up. Goal = Up and out of here early!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lawton, OK

Gas fill up with 48.785 gallons at $3.619 in Wichita Falls. Car fill up in Lawton at 3.499. Shoulda waited. That is always the saying except when it is glad I got it cheaper.

Well my plans to stay at the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge was not realized. I was about 2 hours late to get a camping spot. So I went back down off the mountain and started checking out the campgrounds that the Refuge personnel gave me. No luck getting anything so I drove down the road and found a Grand Pointe Campground. They had 6 electric and water spots available. I backed in, but it would have taken about two or three trees worth of lumber for me to get level, so I called and told them I would not be able to stay. I then called the campground across the street and they had a full hookup pull thru for $30. Best I could do.

Town of Mineral Wells has this very unique looking building that can be seen from a far distance. As you get closer you can see that it has lots of broken windows and is probably not used for anything. However it is interesting.

A lot of little flags on the on the ples in the town and they say, help keep Mineral Wells Crazy.

This is what dinner looked like at the Catfish buffet.

My sister and brother-in-law.

Cindy and David

We had a great dust storm yesterday afternoon, but I didn't get any shots of the do you capture that? Not sure as all the pics came out hazy. The wind finally died down last night by 10 p.m. Today it has kept below 15 but some gusts are up close to 30.

Will hit the road again tomorrow. Not sure where I am headed from here, but Monday I need to be in OKC to have a filling replaced in a back molar.

Wichita Falls stop - going North

I drove the 260 miles from Georgetown to Wichita Falls area to Lake Arrowhead State Park. This is a really nice park. The campsites are in a wagonwheel configuration with 6 camping spots in each circle. They have picnic tables and a fire ring. Lots of shade trees all the way around. The tent sites are set away from the RV area and the equestrian is away from in another section.

Lots of butterflies were out. Unfortunately, on the road up I probably hit a few hundred of them as they were plastered all over the front of my rig and the windshield is really 'gutted' with their remains.
Red Admiral


Red Admiral
New blossoms on this treet and it was loaded with the butterflies.

Variegated Fritillary
One got caught on the tag.

I know, not a butterfly but how pretty.

A male ladderback.

A female ladderback


Prairie dog parent and many babies in the whole.

A very excited PD

The following pics are of the campground sites. Really a nice campground.

This one is occupied.

Another site occupied!

Now the lake area. It is low like about all the rest of the lakes in Texas, but not as low as I had anticipated.

Headed to O K L A H O M A!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Step

Today I went to my brother and SIL's to pick up mail, update my GPS, do laundry and have pizza dinner with them. Everything we find. Drove down I-35 right thru Austin both going and coming. After rush hour the traffic is really not bad. Took me 55 minutes to go from north Georgetown to Buda both ways. That's not bad and it is less miles than the toll way even though the time is about the same.

I updated Geraldine (Garmin 465T GPS) today. She is now quite happy. A little slow, but then the installer had to remove some items in order to have room to load the maps for US and Canada. Not enough room for Full North America. Bet anything that the next map download will say, no room available. I did go delete some of my favorites. Have committed to writing everything down. May have to put a micro SD card into it to have enough room for maps. Time alone will tell.

I have decided to have the oil changed in my car tomorrow. Then I am ready to break down the inside and dump tomorrow. That will make hitting the road earlier on Thursday morning. On Thursday I am scheduled to drive 260 miles. Close to 5 hours driving with one or two breaks and a gas stop it will end up close to 6 hours on the road.

Woo Hoo!!! Alaska here we come.

Monday, April 23, 2012

My new ladder

I decided to not carry my 6 ft ladder on the back of Suite Pea because it was really pretty much useless. Not near tall enough. A few of us RVing women discussed the possibility of getting one of the new 'telescoping' ladders. After not being able to clean my dirty slide toppers because nothing was tall enough, I bit the bullet, made the decision to get a 12 1/2 ft. So I researched for the best price and found that Walmart did have the best price and with free shipping to my local store, I did it! Maybe that's why I keep getting statements from those cc companies!

It arrived today and I picked it up. Look at this.

With the box it shipped in.

Looking good. 

Now how does it extend.

Looking greater and this shows the size better.

Can lift it very easily.

Got to get it up and wash some toppers now. Anyone want to come and demonstrate it?

This will store very easily in the basement as it is less than 6" deep. I am excited to have this new tool. Remember that I have not been on a ladder than I cannot fall off. If you see me laying on the ground, please call 911.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lake Georgetown, TX COE Park

As I am headed North I decided to stop at Lake Georgetown and check out the COE parks that are here. I still have some unfinished things to complete before I leave for the summer. Need to get the car inspected and I have decided that I really do need a ladder. So I ordered a 12 1/2 foot telescoping one that should fit in the basement. So I am waiting on that to arrive at Wal Mart. Then I have my GPS to update the map. I have been I get the new Rand McNally RV GPS, keep my Garmin Truck GPS, get a one time update or get the lifetime update. Perhaps the answer will fall in my lap, or brain! Decisions, decisons.

This COE park, Cedar Breaks, is really close to Austin so I expected it to be full most of the week. I did make online reservations. There were some folks here Monday but many of them have left. They were quickly replaced more campers. Friday night proved that some folks don't know what 10 p.m quiet time means. They were still at it at 12:30 so I turned on the radio to some slow jazz and went to sleep. By Saturday night it was packed full. Hope tonight doesn't end up noisy like Friday night.

The water is low, of course, like most of the Texas lakes. But I think it would make a great kayaking lake. It has been pretty windy every day so I haven't ventured out in the kayak.

This Danger Keep Back sign is here for a reason.

Lots of cut back banks and they could crumble...yes even those thick rocks
could just fall right into the water.

Love that rock formation out there.

A little closer look.  Looks like it's bubbles burst.

On the morning hike I had blackberries.

And butterflies came by to say Hi!

As did this male Scissortailed Flycatcher. He has a mate and they are setting up
housekeeping in the area.

It is a nice park. Narrow roads and camp spots are
not all 'limb trimmed' or very level. Some are
lake side and some in the trees. One for each of us.

Nice, but I think I'll try the other COE campground, Jim Hogg, next time. I drove
over there this afternoon and many sites appear to be longer and more level. Hope
to be back here this fall after the crowds thin out a little.

Renewing Old Acquaintances

In 1962 and 1963 I lived in a rooming and boarding house and it was aptly called "The Byrd House". I had three or four different roommates while living there. For quite some time one of my room-mates and I have swapped e-mails about getting together.

We have each gone quite separate routes to adulthood. She married, had 3 children, became a music teacher first in Oklahoma and then in Texas. She has now retired and though her husband lives in Oklahoma she lives with her son in Texas and has for some 4 or 5 years. She retired 2 years ago. She has a daughter with grandchildren in Oklahoma and a daughter that is solo in Florida.

I have remained single and have made several career and personal preference moves. I retired 3 and half years ago. I live in my RV fulltime and tow my HHR behind me.

Finally, this week we managed to arrange our schedules so that we able to meet on Friday and Saturday. I forgot my camera Friday....I hate it when I do that. But I did remember it Saturday. So we took a few pics.

This is a first for my new camera....a set the timer, hit the button and sit back. Myself, Carol and her son James. Thanks James for setting up the shot!

The view over the railing at the Oasis in Austin for lunch Saturday.

Her son James contemplating the view.

A little art in the court yard. Busy background, sorry.

The butterflies were busy.

I really liked this pattern. Can't see much butterfly, but pretty pattern.

A trip to Zilker Park among the myriad of millions today. Nice water fall running into the river.

Carol on the bridge riverside.

We had a nice visit and caught up on where she taught and her children and grandchildren. Talked about my RVing to Alaska this summer and other places I might go. Departed with the idea we might get together and hike after church tomorrow.

Nice to get together with friends from your past.