Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ray Roberts Lake to San Antonio via 281, June 30, '11

Pulled out of Ray Roberts Lake St Pk about 8:15 a.m. as I didn't want to go thru Ft. Worth, I-35W and 820W during 'rush' hour. That worked pretty good. Made it around to get off 820 with very little traffic. The rest of the road was pretty good. Decided to stop in Granbury for gas because you get captured after that town. Made pretty good time. But I really don't like coming that route. It just takes so much longer. I swear, I will only take that route if I absolutely have to do so.

I arrived at Stone Creek cg, Schertz at 4:30 p.m. They recognize me when I call and come in now days. Will be here until the 5th.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rally over now OK to TX - June 29, '11

I was up and ready to go for the walk at 6:45. However, there was thunder and lightening to the West. I told the walkers that if it looked like it was getting closer, that I'd bail out. I'd not walk in storms that had lightening. Sure enough there was a big crack of lightening and then thunder, so we turned around and came back to the Center. Shortly it started raining. So I waited around and when it stopped raining, I walked down, unplugged my rig, hooked up the car and drove on up to the large parking area.

Went in and had breakfast and when I went back out the rain appeared to have given up the ghost. So I headed out by way of 270 to 9 to 35. I drove until Ardmore and stopped to gas up. It was hot. I called Ray Roberts Lake State Park and asked if they had a campground with pull-thrus available for the night. So I stopped about 1:00 p.m. Had lunch, took a nap, swept out the rig, took awalk around the campground, walked thru the bathroom/shower house and then came back and got ready to pull the plug and travel the next day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More Fleetwood - June 28, '11

So this morning, I went for the early morning walk with Judy and Walt. It was nice an easy. Came back and had breakfast, visited with Judy then went back to the rig. I started the breakdown and dumping procedures. I got the tanks dumped and the hoses put away. Was able to break down the bedroom, bathroom and wash the dishes. Cleaned the patio rug and the rubber mat. Went out and waited for the Patriotic Day Parade. It was a blast. Seemed to be a parade just for me. Most everyone else was either participating or had driven over to the tent earlier.

Completed the breakdown after hot dog lunch. Attended the farewell dinner and came back for early bed. This was interesting and I might do another one, but won't drive to Indiana for next annual, or Fl for the Eastern US. Will look at the Western one.

So plan to meet up for the walk again tomorrow and then have breakfast then hit the road.

Monday, June 27, 2011

More Fleetwood Rally - June 27, '11

A good day Sunday attending seminars and then getting stuff self-installed in my rig. So the next item was a top for the black water tank. I had bought that and there was a gentleman and his wife there and he said he would help me install it. So I took him up on that. But, I really didn't expect to see or hear from him again. However, about 9:30 there was a knock on my door. The man was there!

This installation - well it was a real doozy. We had to get some conversion pieces because I have a Maxx-Air cover on my bathroom vent. The new top would rotate and hit the cover. There was a need for a coupler to make the top PVC pipe a little taller, then two ‘street L’s’ to move the top up and over. We went back over to the vendor area and picked those items up and the man purchased one of those for his rig and his wife got the shower setup. Now the black holding tank odor-out really works well. It made an immediate difference. I don’t normally have an odor in the rig unless it has been really hot and that tends to bake it and it will smell. Especially it will smell if you hold the flusher open to let extra water run in to it. Well it didn’t happen today. We will see about tomorrow.

We worked so long on installing those two items on my rig then his rig (since we were experienced) but his rig only took about 10 minutes, that I missed the "Getting the Most out of Your Dash HVAC" seminar. But I did make it to the Progressive seminars on "Tire-Minders" and "Protecting your Electronics". I had purchased earlier the 30 amp portable protective device. If I get a Class A, I will end up getting the Tire Trakkers, not just for the low tires, but for the heat build up too.

Will be going out for the 6:45 a.m. walk, too. That was good today. Should be cooler tomorrow. May end up storming Tuesday night, but then back up hot Wednesday. Just hope the wind slows some.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fleetwood National Rally Shawnee, OK - June 26 '11

Well, here I am. Sitting in Shawnee, OK. In a nice semi-shaded spot in the campground at the Heart of Shawnee Expo Center. Really it is a nice campground. It appears that some of the spaces out in the front area would be available while traveling through the area.

I am attending the Fleetwood National Rally. This is a first for me. It has been quite interesting so far. I arrived on Wednesday the 22nd and checked in. They had me undo the toad out front and drive the rig in. I hooked up the electric and then they ferried me back out to pick up Herbie. Was nice and cool Wednesday and Thursday. But by Thursday night it was warming up. Friday was 3 digits. Saturday was upper 90’s with a pretty swift wind from the South. Sunday was hot with the temps in the upper 90’s again. The winds have been pretty strong today. Blowing sand against your legs as you are walking. Oh, well, no storms.

Wednesday, I arrived at about 11:45 a.m. I left OKC about 10:30 and thought I’d get here after noon. Didn’t take quite as long as I had expected.

On Thursday I went to Van’s Pigstand and had ribs. That was good and I had some LO’s that I ate on Friday. Stopped at Big Lots and found a 12 volt fan that can be clipped in the cab.

On Friday I had a 4-hour “Next Level” RV basic driving class. That was very interesting. I was using a 42 ft diesel pusher. That was a lot different from driving a 30 ft gas engine. I did learn a lot. Lots of different opinions out there regarding driving and what license are required. Like did you know if you are living in CA and buy a 40 ft or great RV you have to get a Housecar License. My personal opinion is that has merit. I’d be willing to bet that more states pass that law. There will be one or two that will be renegades and lots of folks will rush to those states to register their vehicles and selves.

Saturday Harryette came out and we went to the other Van’s Pigstand and had sandwiches, visited some more and drove thru the OBU campus. Managed to re-live some memories for her there.

Sunday, lots of interesting seminars today. One was on cell phones and data cards and how to bring the signals into your rig when it is very minimal or of bad quality. That was interesting and I think I’ll pursue that one. It is Wilson and I’d prefer another manufacturer, but we will see.

Tonight I fixed penne with shrimp, asparagus and tomatoes in a garlic sauce and had garlic cheese toast with a small Barefoot Chardonnay. That reminded me why I don’t like white wine.

Monday….should be some nice seminars going on today and will have time to walk thru the vendor areas and the display motor homes.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Visiting in OKC

I finished putting clear plastic (Wal mart window covering) over my screen door where I didn't have plexiglass. So I now have a fairly weather-proof screen door that I can leave open in the heat. I expect that I will eventually have the plexiglass "mounted" on the exterior with some type of screw that is easily removed so I can take it off during the cool spring and fall days and easily put it on during the cold winter and hot summer days. What I tried is working for right now, but isn't going to be a long term solution.

Catching up with friends is a really neat thing. I have been catching up with my good friend, Harryette and will meet up with another one, Pamela, tonight. Then Saturday, there will be several of us getting together. We used to work for the same company and will do lunch and chatter. That will be fun. I need to check and see if one of the gals is back from her trip to Ireland (her family still lives there) and then a cruise in the Med. I do hope she is back and rested enough for lunch.

No hiking and not much birding here. Too hot for the hiking and babies for the birds. Babies makes it too dangerous for you to go looking for them as you can lead predators to them. Another 2 or 3 weeks and they will be out flying around on their own.

We had one whopper of a storm in OKC Wednesday evening. Hail was huge, not a lot where I was, but I got a photo Thursday of a couple pieces we put in the freezer. There was some larger than what I photo'd. But I am smart when it is hailing, you don't run out and pick up the largest prize - the next largest prize might hit you in the head, dummy. I need to get the photo on here. Will go figure that part out.

Talked with folks in Arizona and there is another fire going in the south at the Coronado Monument. It is south of Sierra Vista and headed that way. Has already claimed 40 or 50 houses as of Thursday night. Expected it was started in the Monument area - it has been closed for quite sometime for fire reasons. Illegal immigrants are suspected by the locals. If you are fighting fires you aren't looking/catching illegals coming across the border. Also appears more locals are arming gotta wonder where this is going to end up.

Wind is really blowing again and looks to be from the southwest today. Had a front of some kind come thru early morning hours and the wind was probably 40-50 mph. Rigs are pulling out this morning. Really windy today and if you don't have the wind at your back you are going to sucking gas. But it might be worth it to get out of the heat.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

On the road to Burns Run

This started out a very cool day with the winds from the south and lots of clouds. I had planned on leaving Stone Creek Campground around 6:30 a.m. today so that I could travel through both Austin and Dallas when the traffic would be lighter. Due to many circumstances, it didn't happen. But I did pull out about 7:30 a.m. Thank God for the southerly winds today. I made very good time with that tail-wind and made great gas mileage too. I drove a lot of the way with the windows down and the satellite radio blaring on "The Message" station. It was great music to drive to. I made a pit stop at the Belton Rest Stop and decided to have brunch and take a 15 minute break. I still had the southerly winds after the break and drove to Carl's Corner and got gas as I was at about 1/2 and it was 3.479 which is a very good price on the highway even if prices are begining to drop. That station is a PITA to pull in and out of. But I made it and left 100 big ones with the low price anyway. From there the next large town was Waco but it is easy to drive thru even with the construction. So the next area was Waxahachie (Woks a hatchee) and I stopped at the rest stop, started the generator to cool off the rig and fixed an ice cold drink. After this stop I am about 20 miles from South Dallas. So now I am cooled off, got a cold drink and am ready to blow through Big D. I managed to make it from South Dallas to North McKinney, which is totally across the metroplex, in about an hour and 20 minutes with stop and go traffic for about 10 minutes (a stalled car) in Plano. That is really pretty good time and I think for those of your who know Dallas you would agree, especially driving an RV and pulling a car. My destination was Burns Run West COE Park near Cartwright, OK. I made it to Cartwright and stopped for catfish and Windy's Catfish Cafe. Bought a cantaloupe from a farmer in the shade of a big oak tree.

Made it to the COE park and it is really nice. Very large spaces with concrete pads which, of course, make the sites very level. Lots of space between camp sites. Many, many large trees and of course they are mostly oak with elm mix. I will spend one night here and then will find another park on the way on to OKC. Will add pics of the campground later.

Just noticing the gas price changes in the last couple of months. Since the first part of April the prices I have paid have varied from a high of 3.939 to the low today of 3.479. I find it quite interesting to watch the fluctuation based on what the media reports as important events. I believe I need to pay more attention to that part when I am traveling. Just from a point of being curious...what item of the day caused the prices to drop or increase. On 3/24 I paid 3.339 for gas and within days it was skyrocketing and by 4/11 it was 3.759.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Final Friday

Here it is the Friday before I head out for Oklahoma. Completed cleaning out the back driver-side large storage area and reorganized it. Got the towing parts cleaned up and on the car. Dumped the grey and black water this a.m. Finished packing the inside for the most part. Just have a few things left in the dining and kitchen area to be put away after I finish using them; dishes left to dry over night. Dropped some magazines off at the laundry.

Need to fix, on Saturday for Sunday, a lunch bite and snacks for on the road. I'll finish all that up and move the rig forward a little way and hook up Herbie and be ready to just pull the plug and store the hose and take off on Sunday. With a little bit of luck I'll be able to pull out early on Sunday.

Today was another toasty 98* day. Cooled down to 88 by 9 p.m. ACKK! A/C turned off about 10 and hasn't turned back on yet.

Need to charge the cell, the ear piece and the hands-free over the blind piece so that will be ready to be hooked up. Need to start the rig and let it run in the morning for a bit. Checked the tires today and they are all okay. Will double check the batteries on the rig in the morning...just did that 2 weeks ago, but it has been hot and evap does happen. Checked the fresh water tank and it appears okay.

Just about ready to hit the sack.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's over - finally!

So I have now completed the transition from a 10 x 20 storage unit to a 10 x 10 unit. Today the organization GRASP, in Converse, TX, picked up the HHG's that I had left from my sorting.

During the loading of the material I accidentally gave the memory broom I had gotten in 1999 as a house warming gift from a very dear lady. I called and asked them to please look for it and hold it for me. Jennifer said they would look and call me when they found it. So here is hoping they find it.

Now I am getting the rig ready for travel on Sunday morning. I defrosted the freezer and mopped the floors this morning. Will dump the tanks Friday morning and arrange some of the things in the car. Need to finish loading what I can into the rig today and Friday. Leaving Saturday for final shopping before I hit the road and hooking up the toad so Ii can leave really early Sunday morning. I have a reservation at Lake Texhoma Sunday night...That is a really long drive. I expect to be going thru Dallas about 3 or 4 p.m.

My friend, Colleen, is supposed to give me a call and we drive up to Potter's Creek, Canyon Lake, to see how a GTG might work out up there. Waiting to hear from her.

Time to work on the outside stuff and get it packed inside.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Okay, I have been chastised by one of my friends for not posting to my blog. She says that since I shall start traveling again, during this hot summer, that I should document my travels. So I shall try to do that. It is the discipline that I lack in getting this done daily, or even every other day or once a week! But I am going to once again give it a go.