Monday, March 17, 2014

Is she really going to do it?

Well, she is going to try to get the blog going again. Since 2012 my life has kind of been in a time warp. Lots of things happened in my life. I am doing great and am planning to tour the Western US with my friend Liz Crussell.

Liz and I did make a quick trip to the Texas Big Bend National Park in early December of 2013. We had a great time, saw lots of things, and did lots of things. We had a great time. But….is there one of these things all the time? When we drove out of the National Park, we drove right into a nice little winter ice storm. We decided we should fill up with gas before we went to the RV Park because in those kind of storms you just never know if the power lines will drop and you need your genny! I stepped out of the RV, on to the steps and slipped right down on my behind. Never occurred to be that the steps would be iced over even though we were driving in rain and freezing rain. Filled up and made for the park. We ended up iced in for several days. I headed back to San Antonio area for Christmas and then spent two months down in the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Edinburg.

Had a great two months visiting with friends and family came down to bird. My friend Colleen came down for two weeks. So we RVing sistahs had a grand time.

I left for New Mexico/Arizona to meet up with Liz, then go see my cardiologist, and then get back with Liz for site seeing.  It has been a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing things I did not take the time to see when I lived in New Mexico and Arizona. Hope to meet up with some RVing sistahs too.

Hope you have been doing well and hanging tight.