Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

It has been a busy Fall. Lots of things have gotten done and lots more to do now during this winter time. I am reducing 'things' in the RV. I am in the planning stages for a trip to Alaska this summer. I don't want to be dragging more weight than needed. So I have been going thru every drawer, every closet space and all of my electronic goodies. I really don't need all of my CD's and DVD's in case my laptop(s) crash.I only need about 4 for each one of them. So all the others must be covered and placed in the storage unit. I will need warm clothing as the 'warm to them' days will be cool to me. Don't want to feed the skeeters so will need long legs and long sleeves. Good walking shoes and some wet shoes too.

Need to practice with the kayak and do more walking. Then I need to do more walking. I will hope to update the in between dates with photos for the blog and then get back on schedule. My plan is to publish at least once a week if not daily. So here is hoping I can Just Do It.

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  1. So just do's a new week! Haha. See you soon and we'll do some walking and kayaking and more walking.