Tuesday, March 31, 2009


March 31st
In my hurry to get home yesterday, I forgot to get the bread out of the cabinet and some clothes that I had stuck in the closet. So had to go pick them up this a.m.

Spent the afternoon going through boxes in the garage. Looking for my yellow rain boots. Haven’t found them yet. Have a couple more boxes out there and then some here in the apartment.

The Houghdyshells are supposed to be coming this way today. He said he had a heavy foot and they were leaving Benson, AZ this a.m. I suggested that they might want to stop tonight at Junction, TX as it was a very long drive. Dusty and BeBe Sullivan have the KOA in Junction.

Bryan and Diane Whiteaker are supposed to be coming out next week sometime from Tucson. Tasha, Bernase (sp) Mountain dog, is too big to come visit in my apartment so they will look for a hotel. Actually, I told them I would find a spot for them. Diane mentioned that they would like to go to the coast. So will see what we can find down there. Time, it is moving on quickly.

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