Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tucson, AZ

Well, here it is May 31st. So I guess I can assume (in all of its ways) that I will not keep this up-to-date. Guess I will add as I go along and have time to do so.

Arrived in Tucson, Arizona Thursday p.m., May 28th, and got in place with a 'guide' from the Voyager RV Park. The gal at the front desk had to really look hard to find a good spot for me (her words). Well, in the front area near the road of my spot, on the left is a 3' tall fire hydrant, on the right is a sign, in the road is a big speed bump. I look to the left and there are 7 empty spots and to the right 11, facing South, and facing North there is not a spot taken so that is about 20 empty and much of the park is that way. (Ah, this is a good spot?!)Now if I was running this place and someone came in for one month that had never been here before and we were as empty as this is, I would give that person a premium spot and tell them that I was doing that because I would want them to return at a later time. No shade to speak of here but some of the spots have palm trees and I saw one mesquite tree and it was large. Lots of weeds not a clean landscape in the park areas. And being desert they are sticky plants. Enough complaining about this RV Park. It certainly is large about 1500 spots, but many of them have park models on them. I wandered over to the housing area where there are real houses and a 2-2-1 was priced at $229,500. No mention of HOA fees but I am sure they are in there somewhere. Unless the price includes lifetime maintainance. That is high even for this area. But then when you consider some class A's are over 500k then that is nothing.

Left Paradise on Thursday, May 28th headed to Tucson. The ride from Paradise to San Simon, I thought would be easy, was actually very rough and shook a lot of stuff around in the TT. The gravel road was very wash-boardy and it was a long way, 16 miles. Oh, well, live and learn in this world.

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