Saturday, January 21, 2012

Travels in January 2012

Catch up time. I  had a very loud noise coming from the window area of my car. I took it to Chuck Nash Chevrolet and they figured it out and repaired it. Seems like the rubber that holds the window in the frame will sometimes age and vibrates against the car. The planned trip to NM would check it out.

My friend, Liz, made it to Potter's Creek and we had Colleen come up from Schertz and we had some good visits before I took off for NM.

I made a quick trip to Las Cruces, NM for my annual medical visits. Glad that is over. It is always fun to visit friends while taking care of those necessities. I do need to make a change and get new doctor's over here in central Texas.  Gosh I don't even like to think about doing that particular chore. I love my doctor's and would like to get them to move to Texas. All the reports were good ones....well so far.

YES the window repair fixed the vibration. What a nice trip that was.

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