Friday, August 8, 2014

Indian Trees National Forest Campground

I left Hamilton, MT on hwy 93 and drove south of Sula, MT. Now if you are not aware, this is truly in the middle of nowhere. It was fairly quiet here. You could hear some road noise from hwy 93. Mostly you could hear trucks and motorcycles. The cg is less than 1/2 mile from the highway, and of course you drive 1.5 miles to get there.

I was quite pleasantly surprised by the campground as it is newly blacktopped. They have several pull-thrus and many long sites. They were relatively level. I decided to stay three nights. Now this is interesting. I went to the Camp Host(ess) and explained that I had reservations for the next night but I wanted to stay 3 nights. She said she really didn’t like the reservation system. She continued on about the valley residents had been paying taxes a long time and should have first rights to camping spots. I did mention that I thought it was a National Forest and I pay taxes too. Oops!

Here is sunrise from my bedroom window.

Road that leads to Porcupine Trail Head. Looks like Bark Beetles at work on the mountainside. They are really devastating the trees in areas that have not been burned in the last 10-15 or more years. It amazes me that the trees are not removed and used for housing or other commercial uses. After all, they permit logging in those very same forest areas. Another…go figure.

Along the road to Porcupine TH is this stream with lovely white flowers.

A little further around the corner are these berries on very very low shrub. Looks like food for wildlife. Did not observe the squirrels or chipmunks gathering these berries.

I was curious from where the name Indian Trees originated. This is what I found out.

How it was harvested.

Now here are a couple of shots of trees that were used ‘back in the day’. Interesting after 100-150 years huh?

I really thought this was interesting looking.

I really should have stayed there longer. The area was nice, the price was right, $5 a night with the pass and it was really nice weather. But, I have things to see, places to go and water to test. And I have past blogs to catch up on and new blogs to post.


  1. Good to see you out on the trails. Interesting facts about those trees.

  2. Great post. Love that you are putting something out there. Funny camphost comments; obviously she is a local.