Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wetting the Little Bit

Well, it did finally happen. I got Little Bit wet…okay maybe soaked. I went with my friends Diane and Bryon. They took their home crafted kayaks. After we parked the cars and were walking back to the boats, Diane pointed out some birds on the ground eating. She said every time she has seen Red Crossbills they are on the ground. But, when she goes out with the big birders they are always in the tops of the trees and hard to see. Just go figure!

Red Crossbill

Como Lake south of Hamilton, MT is a nice clean and clear lake nestled in the Bitterroot Mountains. You are surrounded by trees, birds, deer, and other critters. There is a dam at one end and falls at the other end and on the sides when there is snow melt and rain.

Here I am in Little Bit ! ! !   Just gotten on the water.

Diane and myself

Bryon paddling on.

Diane and Bryon.

Some how this heart shows up in the trees. It is a ‘slide’. These happen frequently here in this part of the country. Well maybe often is more descriptive.

The far end….believe me on the way back to the take out point this seemed like forever!

The falls at the end.

Yes, it has a required American Dipper! What a great catch!

Lunching on the rocks.

Here are the boats. Bryon’s is crafted from boards and some kind of waterproof glue to hold it together. Diane’s is crafted from cedar planks. He made them many years ago and of course they are still great kayaks.

On the way back, the wind picked up and it was really strong. Ran into some white caps and then calm places. Didn’t take as long to get back as to get down there, but man I was really tired.

Cleaned up Little Bit and got her back on the car. Ready for the next outing.


  1. What a beautiful spot for your maiden voyage. Sorry about the wind though.

  2. You look so fine out there paddling your kayou.