Sunday, May 31, 2009

Paradise, AZ

Arrived in Paradise, Arizona on Thursday, May 21st. Stayed in a slot at the "George Walker House Bed and build your breakfast" parking lot. Was there for a week visiting with my friend, Jackie Lewis. We did a little birding, a little yard work, and a little house work and I did a lot of sitting and watching birds. It was a great week. I may have to make a return trip in August. Got some good pictures while I was there.

What a great bunch of Mags every night each feeder would have 8 or 10 mags around them feeding before their night torpor. The Black-Chinned and Broad-tailed would have to get in there and fight with the big ones to get a sip. Three or four Blue-Throated came in to feed too. We would get the Juniper Titmouse in the afternoon sometime between 2 p.m to 6 p.m. Of course the clowns, Acord WP, were great. We got the Az feeding too. Orioles, Scotts, Bullocks and Hooded both males and females were in after jelly, peanut butter and bark butter and would rob some of the HB feeders if they would get the spot Jackie had set for them (the holes without the yellow flowers). Elf Owls singing out the kazoo. Gorgeous view of the Whiskered SO in the hole. Male Elegant Trogons trying to get the females to try the holes for nesting. Painted Red Start on the nest in South Fork and the Canyon Wren playing hid-n-seek at the bridge at South Fork. Head Red-Faces Warblers, Sulphur-Bellied, Dusky and Ashthroated Flycatchers, but didn't track them down. Cassins Kingbirds waking me up every morning as they were nesting across from Jackie's place.

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