Sunday, May 31, 2009

Visiting my friends

May 29th
Met my friend, Red E at her new house Friday evening. What a gorgeous place she has. It is about ½ the size of her other house. She has gotten rid of all of the non-necessary items and is doing great. It is a really well laid out floor plan and she has it decorated really beautifully. She has completely re-vamped her lifestyle and it fits her really well, just like her new house.

May 30th
Red came over to the TT in the afternoon on Saturday and while we were visiting, I suggested we recreate – so we fixed some solar window shields for cars, to fit the windows here in my TT. The Arizona sun can bake you right through the glass. So I not only have the heat stopped from coming through the windows and right on through the levelors, but I also have ‘blackout’ shades. I had been putting towels over the windows when it got too ‘bright’ at night, so I could get to sleep. Well these guys do the trick! They need a little refinement, but I can do that later – or not! What a great friend she is.

I went to my friend, Kathy D’s house for a visit and dinner Saturday night. Kathy has also moved into a different house. It is also quite gorgeous. Very high ceilings, lots of yard space, big trees and sooo open. It is a beauty. But she really misses her old house. She had it remodeled to fit her and it was right on, but the neighborhood and neighbors were just a little much. The HOA was a real PITA and though the house was “perfect” she was so unhappy living in that environment. She is now getting used to the new place. What a powerful woman she is. But I think she may not totally recognize her own power and greatness. She has been and done so much and is capable of great things – you can see that time and again as she does great things. Perhaps one day she will recognize those items as being just that – great things done by a great woman! Well we talked (make that I talked) until 10:00 p.m. Way past my bed time! She just does that to you. Took me about 30 minutes to get home, but it was a nice drive and not a great amount of traffic. Hope to see her again before I take off.

May 31st
This evening I will have dinner with Red E, Pat D and Arlene H. Ladies that I hold in very high esteem and for whom I have a great deal of respect. Each of them and Kathy D, have experienced life like to it’s fullest. Each has had to fight the gender battle and have come through it winners. Each has probably had sticks, and stones and rotten eggs thrown at them, but they still have come through it like champs. I am looking forward to the evening.

Tomorrow, June 1st, I will be going birding. Down to the Gulch, California Gulch that is. This will be the first time for 2009. I was last down there in July of last year. It will be interesting to see how much it is the same, but has changed. We will be looking for the Five-stripped Sparrow and the Buff-Collared Night Jar. Forward to the exciting life of retirement birding.

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