Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday and a trip to Stephen F. Austin State Park

Today is a day off from the volunteer job and I am so stressed out. My blood sugar has been going up since I got here. Part stress, part food, part not exercising appropriately. So since one of the volunteers that had taken a trip got back he and I talked about him filling in for me this week. Head of volunteers said go ahead you don't need me here. So George agreed to work my shift until Thursday when I get back. Blood sugar this morning was 159 which makes it about 40 above my normal and 10 above yesterday.

I did notice a stress decrease pretty quickly after I hooked up here. Just felt like a load off my shoulders. Was pretty hot here, but not sure just how hot. I moved my outdoor thermometer from the back ladder on my rig and hung it on a bolt where the mud flap is down closer to the ground. Then I promptly forgot to move it back and it is laying on the road somewhere! Dang I hate it when that happens. Oh, well. Will make a run to WalMart tomorrow and see if I can find a replacement.

Took a stroll around the camping loop and counted 5 rigs plus the host are here. Pretty quite.

Have had the animals and birds come up - 7 deer, 1 raccoon, 5 american crows, 4 male and 4 female cardinals, 3 squirrels, and lots of little birds cheaping away in the trees. Will see if I can change sights in the morning. This one has lots of nice wildlife, but I got totally roasted in the afternoon sun. Since I don't do satellite trees are good. I wanted this side because of the little birds always seem to be on this side. But I decided it wasn't worth the heat buildup.

Geraldine gave me an interesting trip down here. I was going to take I45 to 610 to I10, but took off to avoid traffic and ended up seeing some parts of NW Houston. So going back I think that I will just drive through Houston and take Hwy 156 North to the Care Center. That will probably be quicker.

Tomorrow should be another hot day. There were some nice thunderstorms down south of here this evening. I drove into Sealy and saw that there was some serious rain falling south of here. Never got up here to the park.

Good Night!


  1. Birdie
    Just PMd you on Womens RV Forum since you didn't pick up my email from last week. Sounds like you have been way too stressed in this volunteer job. You don't need that and your health is way more important. If you felt better as soon as you got to the park, it can't just be the incredible heat getting to you. Looks like you will be able to have a GTG with Sharon at the park as she said she was heading there next. Retirement ceremony and dinner for Steve yesterday were both great. I think he is stressed about what he will do next. Kids go back Friday so that is also a major stressor for him. Take care.

  2. Hope you're feeling better after gtg with Sharon. She'll get you laughing. Laughter is a great de-stresser.