Thursday, August 11, 2011

Still hot here in East Texas. About 113 right now (4:45 p.m.) at the back of my rig at the bottom of my rig just inside the area where the rock guard is located. That means it is awful hot. I took the thermometer off from the back ladder and put it in the shade where it would not get direct sun or reflected heat from the ladder.

Today was my day off and I took a trip over to Spring to the Smart Financial Credit Union to take care of some business. It was about 55 miles. However, I had an ulterior motive for the trip. I needed to find some 'rubber cement' for a project and I thought that an Office Depot would have it. Sure enough it did. So while I was over there I went on ahead and had lunch at the Pit Master BBQ spot that Martha, Paulette and I had lunch about a month ago. So I had lots of LO's that I brought home for later. Popped them into the freezer. For dinner tonight I am doing penne pasta with white sauce with chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms and broccoli. One glass of Cab wine will top it off.

My project with the rubber cement is to put fiberglass screening on the exterior refrigerator door to keep the dirt daubbers out. So will try to get that put on there soon as the weather cools down a little bit.

Certainly am thinking about where I will be going after I leave here. If it is still this hot, I want shade !!!!

Driving tomorrow, then root beer floats, then on call at night. Life goes on.

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  1. Great idea about the fiberglass screen for the refrigerator door. Might be a good idea for the hot water heater door as well. Those mud-daubers are a real pain.