Sunday, July 27, 2014

Enter Little Bit

Just a quick entry for my friends that are not connected on FaceBook.
My toy is a Canoe that is somewhat like a Kayak so my friend gave them the title of Kayoos (I guess it should be Kayoe). I ordered mine the first part of June and just received it yesterday, July 23. It is a great toy manufactured by a fairly good company, but the Customer Service is perhaps the worst that I have experienced.

Little Bit is 12’ long and weighs in at about 13 pounds. She is light weight enough that I can one hand carry her around. I took the wrapping off from her today and put her back on the car and locked her up. Let me know when you want to meet me at the lake or down at the river!

The wrapping in which she came.

Getting skinned!

Now here she is!!

The way she will be looking!

I am headed up to Montana to visit with some friends. I will be dropping Little Bit in the water while there. Meanwhile, I am just looking at her.

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  1. Woohoo.....welcome back to blogging and on to the kayoo fun!