Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cool night!

Well, it has cooled down a bit here and we are quite glad for that little temp drop. Made a run to Wal-Mart go pick up some salad things. Found some 'fresh' corn on the cob and picked up that so I can grill it. Will take a look at doing that Sunday if it doesn't get too hot.

I did show one of my co-workers the Wilson signal booster that I use for my cell phone and my data card. AT&T has very weak coverage at the RV park and this really helps with that. We took the measurements of the data card. Off the booster the data signal is -107 to -101. On the booster it is -75. That is pretty good and makes the connection fantastic. The cell phone goes from 1 bar (and sometimes none) and soars to the top. So I am happy with it. He will research what he can get for his mac. Back of my mind says they didn't have one for the mac, but that might have been something else.

Okay, will have a SF popsicle and call it a night.

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