Friday, September 7, 2012

Lake Louise - WOW

To start the day, it was once again a sunny, blue sky, kind of day. We weren't the first one out of the campground as the 'little Road Trek" that was parked in the big pull thru was the first in our loop to leave.

We drove down into Lake Louise town and passed right on up to the Lake and Lodge. What a beautiful place! I think I have used that adjective quite a lot. The building are impressive.

The cabin with kayaks. Note that there is frost on both the roof and the bottoms of the kayaks!

Lake is really good looking! This is first thing in the morning.

The lake a little bit later in the day.

Surrounding the lake is very tall conifirs. This makes a great frame for the Lake.

Close up of the glacier.

We decided to do breakfast at the Lodge.

We left Lake Louise and went to the Crystal Mountain Campground, parked and got set up and then we headed to Banff. The drive to the campground was picturesque. See the Banff blog for that trip.

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  1. Lake Louise is really beautiful. Some day I am going to see it in person but, until then, you sure give a wonderful tour.