Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tyhee Lake Provincial Park

It was another beautiful day. Sunny and nice.

The drive from Kleanza Provincial Park to here at Tyhee Lake Provincial Park was like driving in valleys of hay fields with trees in between. Some small towns were mixed in with the farm areas. We had a little cloudy and misty weather during the morning but it cleared off and was a nice afternoon. This was a nice stop. I pulled in because I thought it was a Farmer’s Market at a Rest Stop. Partly right. Took some nice photos at the stop. Didn’t buy any Farmer’s stuff.

We passed through Smithers and got gas there. We arrived at Tyhee Lake Provincial Park. This was another nice park. By this time of the year the park roads may have potholes large enough to drop Herbie into them. We managed to find spots and get setup. Then we went into town to stock up on some groceries at the local Safeway.
We had seen a sign for a city park when we were driving in so we drove by to look at it. It was booked solid. It was a fairly large campground with no trees within the parking area but was surrounded by trees and a river was running beside the campground. We made our way back and then went for a hike. It was nice when we started our hike and most of the way through it. However, it did start to sprinkle about 100 yards from the campground. We didn’t melt however. In the lake we saw these small fry and then some more even smaller fry. Beautiful clear water.

Critters abound….stuffing themselves for winter.

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  1. Very interesting rest stop. That water really was crystal clear; bet it was cold too.