Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beaumont Provisional Park

  On our journey we stopped at a rest area and I decided it was time to measure the Fireweed. So I sent Liz out into the ‘field’. Take a look!!!
  We were a long time in deciding that the ‘cottony’ things were actually on the Fireweed.
  We arrived here at Beaumont Provisional Park and it was, of course, another nice park. It may have been the nicest of all the parks that we stayed in as far as walking trails and if there had been time for kayaking the lake was beautiful.   We saw many, many berries. (Can you say “Hey Bear”), some we had seen before and some looked kind of like some others but maybe a little different. However, we didn’t eat any of them. If you get the wrong one, it can do nasty things to you.
  and fungi!
  The Ft. Fraser Trail that we took had lots of interesting information on sign boards all the way down the trail. Certainly the most educational trail so far. We started at the old house!
  We had an opportunity to look at some great birds while we were out walking. This was a really large campground. Sapsucker, Cedar Waxwings, White-throated Sparrow.

  We left Beaumont and headed toward Lucerne campground in Jasper National Park and the beginning of the Icefield Parkway.


  1. Love it. The cabin is really neat with those square logs. All the pics are neat. Great bird shots.

  2. You are outstanding at getting those birds to pose!