Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kleanza Provincial Park

When we left Prince Rupert it was not quite breaking day. A few miles out of town we pulled off and awaited the breaking of dawn.  Here it is!

Then we hit the road again. The weather was fog, mist and cloudy much of the drive, but not too bad.

We made the Kleanza Provincial Park and spent our first night there. That was a nice park even though the GPS gave us the wrong directions. I had to unhook Herbie and turn around. Liz turned Sport around went on a little further and found the park. Surprisingly the FRS radios worked and I was able to get directions from her. The Park Operator opened an area that was closed so that we could get Suite Pea, Herbie and Sport close together. There was another spot in that circle, but he chose to not put another rig in there.

After getting setup we took a hike and found lots of interesting things. Liz is always dragging me off up the mountains, thru the forests and showing me all these great sights! What a travel companion!

The water was so clear you thought you were looking at the river bottom with no water.

Yes, it is Liz down the trail! See that rope pulling me?!

Interesting ferns growing in this climate.

Can't see that it is a full grown tree the falls going over. No way to get there and get a better shot.

Dad and daughter having a fun time out while mom is with brother over at camp. She was so cute!
Our friend the Robin.
Liz walking back up from a little exploring.
It was a beautiful day!
I was left trying to figure out how the rock got into the trunk of that tree. Any ideas?

The next morning we got up fairly early and hit the road as we wanted to make as many miles as we could….we were goal oriented. The Icefields Parkway!


  1. I drag you hiking like you drag me birding....and we both benefit.