Sunday, July 20, 2014

California Quails Made the Escape

One morning I was sitting outside the RV and doing nothing but enjoying life when I heard the contact clucking sounds of quails. The quails in this area of Oregon are interesting to me because they are not one that I am familiar. However, the clucking contacts sounds are very similar to the Gambels Quail in AZ. The quail went from normal contact to the alert call and they were getting very agitated or excited. Suddenly one quail flew into the Western Cedar tree and it was followed by a second quail and then just a bit longer and a third. Now I had never seen a quail in a tree like that. I had seen them on dead branches on a tree that the 'look out quail' would position itself, but not three into the tree! It was not more than a minute when the reason did a fly by...a nice hungry raptor!

Nice pose for me.

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