Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sparrow at Bullard's Beach State Park

I am not really good at IDing birds, just a lot lucky. But now Sparrow specie just blows me away. If they stand up and sing their name, OK, I can understand that, but if not.....it's a hazard guess. Here is a little guy that sang on the top of the shed next to my RV spot at Bullards Beach State Park, site 1.

Look at me. Aren't I pretty?

Wanna watch me sing?

Here is one of my best!

What? You want more?

How's this?

What now?

How's this one?

If you'd just get me focused, it'd be better.

Okay, Ms. Southie, what am I up here in the North land where I come to spend the summers? Nice and cool up here with lots of bugs for the babies. Yeah, I don't like the marine fog either or the colder winter so I go south where you would know me by where I am and what I am doing and also my duller self doesn't sing like this.

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  1. Right, you can't identify all the birds......like any of us believe this. I was really surprised at all the cardinals I saw at Canyon Lake last week.