Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Folding the Firefly Kayak

This is for my friend that bought the Firefly (Advanced Elements) Kayak.

Here are the steps in the process for putting the Firefly away in the bag.

Starting with the blown up Firefly.

And just so you know it is yours...

1. Here it is flat (and dry)

2. Fold one side in.

3. Fold the other side in.

4. Fold the front back one time at about the seam meld.

5. Fold the front back one more time to where the 'tracker thing' is located.

6. Fold the back inward.

7. Check it by flipping it over.

8. Should be ready to slip into the carrying bag.

9. After it is in the bag, slip in the air pump and the seating and other stuff you want to place in there.

Now put it in the car between the seats....or in the storage bay....or take it out and put it on the water!!!

Have fun sharing it and thanks for leading to spending my money on a different unit! You my friend are theWoman!

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