Friday, August 31, 2012

Inside Passage–Petersburg to Prince Rupert

We were due to arrive and depart Petersburg in the dark. Didn’t happen. Schedules are made. (As an RVer the schedule is made in JELLO) We thought that we would awaken in route to Wrangell. However, when we got topside we found we were somewhere but we didn’t know where. We were not moving, we were stopped. Nice photo ops at Petersburg while waiting for the tide to come in!
  Seems as though we were at dock at Petersburg but we thought we were early at Wrangell. Seems like the system forgot that we would be arriving and be in port at the time of the “low tide” and thus we were slightly stranded for a few hours. Once we got moving we went with great speed. Okay as fast as they could. We were way behind schedule. Nice gulls flying by but they were hard to shoot!
  That was the second large flock of gulls. No ID from me!!!
   Consequently, we just kissed the dock at Wrangell and kept on moving. That means there was no passengers to get on or off at that point and any goods musta been tossed to the dock cuz we surely didn’t stop.  Our next stop was scheduled for early evening and a stop of 4 hours at Ketchikan. We arrived late and we were there a couple of hours. We walked on the side of the highway again. We looked at what appeared to be some type of storm, plane, or natural disaster damage to the mountain/hill above the roadside. We then went back to the boat and took photos of the sunset and moon rise at the harbor. We also got some awesome sights of wildlife in the bay area.

   We called it a night and hit the bed knowing we would need to get up about 1:30 to be ready to eat a bite. We would need to go get our rigs off at the Prince Rupert dock as we docked.

We arrived on schedule at Prince Rupert. Liz was to be one of the first out, but they started on the opposite side and she was a little later starting. I was about 4th behind her with Herbie and then had to go back and pick up Suite Pea. There was a spot outside that I was able to hook up and then go thru Canadian Customs. Then we met up and were on our way. It was about 4 a.m. We wanted to be out of Prince Rupert before the City awakened. So we hit the road and had some fog to deal with.

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  1. Good thing they have so much daylight there. That was way past your bedtime.