Sunday, June 12, 2011

On the road to Burns Run

This started out a very cool day with the winds from the south and lots of clouds. I had planned on leaving Stone Creek Campground around 6:30 a.m. today so that I could travel through both Austin and Dallas when the traffic would be lighter. Due to many circumstances, it didn't happen. But I did pull out about 7:30 a.m. Thank God for the southerly winds today. I made very good time with that tail-wind and made great gas mileage too. I drove a lot of the way with the windows down and the satellite radio blaring on "The Message" station. It was great music to drive to. I made a pit stop at the Belton Rest Stop and decided to have brunch and take a 15 minute break. I still had the southerly winds after the break and drove to Carl's Corner and got gas as I was at about 1/2 and it was 3.479 which is a very good price on the highway even if prices are begining to drop. That station is a PITA to pull in and out of. But I made it and left 100 big ones with the low price anyway. From there the next large town was Waco but it is easy to drive thru even with the construction. So the next area was Waxahachie (Woks a hatchee) and I stopped at the rest stop, started the generator to cool off the rig and fixed an ice cold drink. After this stop I am about 20 miles from South Dallas. So now I am cooled off, got a cold drink and am ready to blow through Big D. I managed to make it from South Dallas to North McKinney, which is totally across the metroplex, in about an hour and 20 minutes with stop and go traffic for about 10 minutes (a stalled car) in Plano. That is really pretty good time and I think for those of your who know Dallas you would agree, especially driving an RV and pulling a car. My destination was Burns Run West COE Park near Cartwright, OK. I made it to Cartwright and stopped for catfish and Windy's Catfish Cafe. Bought a cantaloupe from a farmer in the shade of a big oak tree.

Made it to the COE park and it is really nice. Very large spaces with concrete pads which, of course, make the sites very level. Lots of space between camp sites. Many, many large trees and of course they are mostly oak with elm mix. I will spend one night here and then will find another park on the way on to OKC. Will add pics of the campground later.

Just noticing the gas price changes in the last couple of months. Since the first part of April the prices I have paid have varied from a high of 3.939 to the low today of 3.479. I find it quite interesting to watch the fluctuation based on what the media reports as important events. I believe I need to pay more attention to that part when I am traveling. Just from a point of being curious...what item of the day caused the prices to drop or increase. On 3/24 I paid 3.339 for gas and within days it was skyrocketing and by 4/11 it was 3.759.

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