Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More Fleetwood - June 28, '11

So this morning, I went for the early morning walk with Judy and Walt. It was nice an easy. Came back and had breakfast, visited with Judy then went back to the rig. I started the breakdown and dumping procedures. I got the tanks dumped and the hoses put away. Was able to break down the bedroom, bathroom and wash the dishes. Cleaned the patio rug and the rubber mat. Went out and waited for the Patriotic Day Parade. It was a blast. Seemed to be a parade just for me. Most everyone else was either participating or had driven over to the tent earlier.

Completed the breakdown after hot dog lunch. Attended the farewell dinner and came back for early bed. This was interesting and I might do another one, but won't drive to Indiana for next annual, or Fl for the Eastern US. Will look at the Western one.

So plan to meet up for the walk again tomorrow and then have breakfast then hit the road.

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