Friday, June 17, 2011

Visiting in OKC

I finished putting clear plastic (Wal mart window covering) over my screen door where I didn't have plexiglass. So I now have a fairly weather-proof screen door that I can leave open in the heat. I expect that I will eventually have the plexiglass "mounted" on the exterior with some type of screw that is easily removed so I can take it off during the cool spring and fall days and easily put it on during the cold winter and hot summer days. What I tried is working for right now, but isn't going to be a long term solution.

Catching up with friends is a really neat thing. I have been catching up with my good friend, Harryette and will meet up with another one, Pamela, tonight. Then Saturday, there will be several of us getting together. We used to work for the same company and will do lunch and chatter. That will be fun. I need to check and see if one of the gals is back from her trip to Ireland (her family still lives there) and then a cruise in the Med. I do hope she is back and rested enough for lunch.

No hiking and not much birding here. Too hot for the hiking and babies for the birds. Babies makes it too dangerous for you to go looking for them as you can lead predators to them. Another 2 or 3 weeks and they will be out flying around on their own.

We had one whopper of a storm in OKC Wednesday evening. Hail was huge, not a lot where I was, but I got a photo Thursday of a couple pieces we put in the freezer. There was some larger than what I photo'd. But I am smart when it is hailing, you don't run out and pick up the largest prize - the next largest prize might hit you in the head, dummy. I need to get the photo on here. Will go figure that part out.

Talked with folks in Arizona and there is another fire going in the south at the Coronado Monument. It is south of Sierra Vista and headed that way. Has already claimed 40 or 50 houses as of Thursday night. Expected it was started in the Monument area - it has been closed for quite sometime for fire reasons. Illegal immigrants are suspected by the locals. If you are fighting fires you aren't looking/catching illegals coming across the border. Also appears more locals are arming gotta wonder where this is going to end up.

Wind is really blowing again and looks to be from the southwest today. Had a front of some kind come thru early morning hours and the wind was probably 40-50 mph. Rigs are pulling out this morning. Really windy today and if you don't have the wind at your back you are going to sucking gas. But it might be worth it to get out of the heat.

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time in OK City. It is hot and more hot here with no relief in sight, pretty breezy. Consider putting a note on Women RV like Liz does. I know many of the ladies would enjoy your writing as I do.