Friday, June 10, 2011

Final Friday

Here it is the Friday before I head out for Oklahoma. Completed cleaning out the back driver-side large storage area and reorganized it. Got the towing parts cleaned up and on the car. Dumped the grey and black water this a.m. Finished packing the inside for the most part. Just have a few things left in the dining and kitchen area to be put away after I finish using them; dishes left to dry over night. Dropped some magazines off at the laundry.

Need to fix, on Saturday for Sunday, a lunch bite and snacks for on the road. I'll finish all that up and move the rig forward a little way and hook up Herbie and be ready to just pull the plug and store the hose and take off on Sunday. With a little bit of luck I'll be able to pull out early on Sunday.

Today was another toasty 98* day. Cooled down to 88 by 9 p.m. ACKK! A/C turned off about 10 and hasn't turned back on yet.

Need to charge the cell, the ear piece and the hands-free over the blind piece so that will be ready to be hooked up. Need to start the rig and let it run in the morning for a bit. Checked the tires today and they are all okay. Will double check the batteries on the rig in the morning...just did that 2 weeks ago, but it has been hot and evap does happen. Checked the fresh water tank and it appears okay.

Just about ready to hit the sack.

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