Monday, June 27, 2011

More Fleetwood Rally - June 27, '11

A good day Sunday attending seminars and then getting stuff self-installed in my rig. So the next item was a top for the black water tank. I had bought that and there was a gentleman and his wife there and he said he would help me install it. So I took him up on that. But, I really didn't expect to see or hear from him again. However, about 9:30 there was a knock on my door. The man was there!

This installation - well it was a real doozy. We had to get some conversion pieces because I have a Maxx-Air cover on my bathroom vent. The new top would rotate and hit the cover. There was a need for a coupler to make the top PVC pipe a little taller, then two ‘street L’s’ to move the top up and over. We went back over to the vendor area and picked those items up and the man purchased one of those for his rig and his wife got the shower setup. Now the black holding tank odor-out really works well. It made an immediate difference. I don’t normally have an odor in the rig unless it has been really hot and that tends to bake it and it will smell. Especially it will smell if you hold the flusher open to let extra water run in to it. Well it didn’t happen today. We will see about tomorrow.

We worked so long on installing those two items on my rig then his rig (since we were experienced) but his rig only took about 10 minutes, that I missed the "Getting the Most out of Your Dash HVAC" seminar. But I did make it to the Progressive seminars on "Tire-Minders" and "Protecting your Electronics". I had purchased earlier the 30 amp portable protective device. If I get a Class A, I will end up getting the Tire Trakkers, not just for the low tires, but for the heat build up too.

Will be going out for the 6:45 a.m. walk, too. That was good today. Should be cooler tomorrow. May end up storming Tuesday night, but then back up hot Wednesday. Just hope the wind slows some.

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