Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fleetwood National Rally Shawnee, OK - June 26 '11

Well, here I am. Sitting in Shawnee, OK. In a nice semi-shaded spot in the campground at the Heart of Shawnee Expo Center. Really it is a nice campground. It appears that some of the spaces out in the front area would be available while traveling through the area.

I am attending the Fleetwood National Rally. This is a first for me. It has been quite interesting so far. I arrived on Wednesday the 22nd and checked in. They had me undo the toad out front and drive the rig in. I hooked up the electric and then they ferried me back out to pick up Herbie. Was nice and cool Wednesday and Thursday. But by Thursday night it was warming up. Friday was 3 digits. Saturday was upper 90’s with a pretty swift wind from the South. Sunday was hot with the temps in the upper 90’s again. The winds have been pretty strong today. Blowing sand against your legs as you are walking. Oh, well, no storms.

Wednesday, I arrived at about 11:45 a.m. I left OKC about 10:30 and thought I’d get here after noon. Didn’t take quite as long as I had expected.

On Thursday I went to Van’s Pigstand and had ribs. That was good and I had some LO’s that I ate on Friday. Stopped at Big Lots and found a 12 volt fan that can be clipped in the cab.

On Friday I had a 4-hour “Next Level” RV basic driving class. That was very interesting. I was using a 42 ft diesel pusher. That was a lot different from driving a 30 ft gas engine. I did learn a lot. Lots of different opinions out there regarding driving and what license are required. Like did you know if you are living in CA and buy a 40 ft or great RV you have to get a Housecar License. My personal opinion is that has merit. I’d be willing to bet that more states pass that law. There will be one or two that will be renegades and lots of folks will rush to those states to register their vehicles and selves.

Saturday Harryette came out and we went to the other Van’s Pigstand and had sandwiches, visited some more and drove thru the OBU campus. Managed to re-live some memories for her there.

Sunday, lots of interesting seminars today. One was on cell phones and data cards and how to bring the signals into your rig when it is very minimal or of bad quality. That was interesting and I think I’ll pursue that one. It is Wilson and I’d prefer another manufacturer, but we will see.

Tonight I fixed penne with shrimp, asparagus and tomatoes in a garlic sauce and had garlic cheese toast with a small Barefoot Chardonnay. That reminded me why I don’t like white wine.

Monday….should be some nice seminars going on today and will have time to walk thru the vendor areas and the display motor homes.

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