Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rockport Day Trip

I left Victoria about 8:15 headed to Rockport. It is about 60 miles SW and the roads are quite good. I made good time getting there. Stopped to look at birds a couple of times. One time the birds were largeish black birds but they weren't large enough for crows or TV's so I thought they might be a family Ani. A little out of place, but birds do travel, too. Ended up they were "molting" Great Tailed Grackles or better put Great NonTailed Grackles. They molt the end of August and first part of September. It makes them 'ground' more frequently and their flight is a bit off.

First stop was Goose Island State park. It was very dry, of course, and as I drove thru the campsite area I noted only about 3 campers and two hosts in the slots on the tree side. Of course, the bay side had about 6 folks up there already on the left side toward the fishing walkway. The right side is closed as they are making some repairs.Bayside I saw some peeps, turnstones, willets, gulls and a couple of brown pelicans. Tree side I saw a Black and White Warbler, White eyed and Yellow Throated Vireos, Cardinals, Titmice, White winged, Mourning and Inca Doves, Ruby Throated Hummingbirds (only 2). Not too much for the 45 minutes I was there.

My second stop was Ancient Oaks RV Park. It is a Passport America park located on the far west side of town. They have some very old 'side by side' sites and a few new concrete pads. It would be nice if there were some shade at the concrete pad sites. The older sites have some shade from the very old oak trees, but they look pretty unlevel. Would do if you weren't staying more than a couple of days.

My third stop was a drive thru of the Sand Dollar Motel and RV Park. It looks like they are really taking care of it. My first ever trip to Rockport was a birding trip on a chartered bus and we spent the night at the Sand Dollar. This would be my first choice for a short stay.

My fourth stop was the Rockport something or other RV Park and they were just way too proud for me to be able to stay with them. $40 per night......So then I proceed to the next stop.

My fifth stop was Charlotte Plummer's on the bay near the fishing boats. The tortilla soup here is really very tasty, just a bit 'spicy hot' but it goes down so well. We be really great with hot tortillas and butter to go with it. Nice salad bar and today I had the soft shell crab. It was very good. Nothing left on my plate, well not true, the vegetables of the day was squash both yellow and green, carrots, (old) brocolli, onions and they were pretty much left as I did dig out some carrots and brocolli and then stopped.

After than I drove thru town and decided I needed to get a couple gallons of gas 'just in case', the gauge said less than 1/2 and even though I get great gas mileage, there is only 1 gas station between Rockport and Victoria, better safe with an extra 3 gallons of gas than sorry if there is something that causes you to be stopped and run the a/c and worrying about the gas. My Story and I am sticking to it.

Still want to visit Seadrift and La Grange before I take off for Rockport and the Hummer festival in two weeks. Also need to tour the old houses here in Victoria and get some pics. Need to upload pics for my other blogs too. Ah well, Ms Scarlett said it so well, there is always tomorrow.

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  1. Very interesting posts, especially the history of Victoria. Just where is it that you post your pictures?

    Stay safe and have fun.