Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Padre Island National Seashore

I really like the National Seashore. It is so cool...well normally it is cool. I decided to make a quick trip down and check to see if I would want to stay here for any period of time. It would be dry camping. The sites look quite level and though they do have some weeds growing up in them, I am sure it wouldn't cause any problem. Today, the temperature at 11:30 a.m. was about 99*. I decided that I really couldn't dry camp with that high a temperature. The closer you get to the ocean waters, the cooler it gets, but even at the camp ground you are about 20 to 30 yards from the shore. But you do have the dunes to help protect you. Breeze blowing in the evening would be cool. However, I won't be make that a camp ground this time around. Certainly glad that I went down there because I forgot how great the sand is between your toes and how many shore birds and water birds you have down there. That goes in my bucket list for a cooler time with less chance of storms being able to brew up on you.

Stopped at Port Aransas on my way back just to check on some old friendly places. Pretty quiet all around over there.

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