Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OKC is cool

Last night the temps were in low 60's. Was that nice or what? BUT...will get up to the mid 90's today. This heat simply will not be denied it's turn to torch us.

Will run out today and have lunch with some friends with whom I used to work. That will be fun. We did this back in June and had a really good time. Then on Saturday another GTG with a couple of friends. Aaahh the friends are what this life is all about....retirement! I love it. Each day is just a little bit better.

Trying to get the webcam to work on this computer of my friend and it just isn't not that easy. The system doesn' recognize that it has a webcam. So to get it turned off, did she just uninstall it? She doesn't know. So I'll continue working on it for a bit, then I'll in the big dogs. (I'll go to their web site!) So it goes......

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