Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last Day of Festival

Currently in Rockport for the Hummingbird Festival. It ran Fri, Sat and Sun with some early home shows on Thursday. Lots of hummingbirds down here. The most I have ever seen. I come down as frequently as I can for the festivals. When I lived in Texas I came a lot, then it wasn't so easy. Last year I was tied up and this year was make up time. The Ruby throated HB's had a great year by the looks of the birds we are seeing. They are plump too. Was worried that with our drought and the one in Oklahoma that they would doing poorly. They are quite voracious little buggers too. I have been filling my llittle feeders about one liter every two hours. Of course, if I had those huge feeders I'd just be filling them 3 or 4 times a day. Have had some really nice Buff bellied HB show up. A very few Rufous/Allen's type show up, too. They are really out of range, while the Buffy's are now year round here.

Will be leaving here on Tuesday and headed north. Has been a really nice stay here at Goose Island State park. It is always a nice stay, unless the mosquitos are bad, so far they aren't but it will only take a few days and a new batch will hatch as a result of the rains the last two days.

Ron and T left and got home about 3:30. They had a blow out on the Jeep about George West on I-37. They had the Hi-Lo which is 22' travel trailer. Glad that wasn't me. I need to be sure to check my air tomorrow so I can air up before I take off.

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  1. Hey, girl. I thought you said there were going to be pictures! Great write-ups though.