Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Goliad State Park

Left Goose Island and spent two nice days at Goliad State Park. The first days I decided to mail my binocs off to the manufacturer to have them serviced. I have had them ten (10) years and never had them serviced. While I was at the Hummer Festival a couple of the Swarovski reps suggested that I send them and have them serviced especially before I head out to Alaska. They indicated the wait time could be a couple of months but to not send them in around hunting time as they are always sooooo busy. So I called Monday and talked with the Customer Service folks and sure enough they had a 3-4 week turn around. Now in my little mind that is nothing. After I got set up at the park I took off for the local discount store, Dollar General. Picked up a role of bubble wrap and then went to the local pharmacy to get something for my fire ant bites and then around the corner to the Post Office. Got a box, tape and label got everything ready and find out that there is a 'communication failure' here in Goliad. Now I new there was something wrong because I could not pay my camping fee at the State Park as the system was down. But alas, I had Cash. So I could pay my fees. Some folks had to go home and get their check books because they only had debit or credit cards. Anyway I got mine shipped. Can't wait to get them back.

Will do some maintenance things tomorrow. Then I'll get ready to head back toward the home base.
Communications problem is making my cell phone and data card very slow. Good strong signal, but over loaded. Won't get things posted while I am here.

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