Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 1 - Hummer Fest

Today is the start of the Hummingbird Festival. My brother and sister-in-law came down yesterday and today we went over to Port Aranasas to Paradise pond, Birding Center, the jetties and Charlie's Pasture to check out the birding. It was damp over there as they had just gotten some rain that morning. About 4:30 they got a real down pour and it was still evident as some of the places that were dry when I was over there two days before were now wet with pools of water. YAY!

On the way back to Rockport we stopped for lunch at the Big Fisherman's restaurant. They have fairly good seafood/fish. Used to be fried only, but now they grill and char-grill the food. We then went by the school to pick up the various things we would need to making the rounds of the houses to see the birds. It was really packed. This Festival brings in a lot of people and they do a really good job sitting it up. After we finished this we decided that we needed to make a stop at HEB and get some items that were forgotten or used up. Decided that leftovers were going to be dinner. Will get ready for another day of going from house to house watching and shooting the HB's tomorrow.

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