Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 2 of the Festival

Okay, here it is Saturday and we are going to go around to some of the houses here in Lamar, Fulton and Rockport to see the humming birds. We made a trip around the Lamar bay area and saw a nice flock of Wood Storks. Quite a surprise. Had we not come up the back side we would have missed them. Good for us!!

Our first stops will be around Lamar. The houses on Tomahawk always have great landscaping and are so friendly, you just love going there. This trip was no different. The first house has made a lot of changes in their landscape, but not for the better. He has 'cleared' out a lot of trees and shrubs that was beautiful. Now he has a 'bay view'. Needless to say, he has the house on the market. The second house, next door, is much the same as she has always had it. It is just great for HB's and other birds. We had orioles, dickcissels, and sparrows that moved to quick for ID. She also had 3 types of HB's. Really a great stop. It took us most of the morning - well okay it was only 10:45, but we had planned lunch a Charlotte Plummer's and decided to head on over that way. They open at 11:00 and if you don't get there, you get seconds...well not really, but you don't get chicken in the soup. So we went to lunch and then took the left overs back to the rigs for refrigeration.

Afternoon our first stop was in the 'ritzy' section of town that currently have two families that have their place open. The first couple are friends of my brother and sister-in-law. They had a nice sort visit with them and we got to see some gorgeous Buffy's eating at the Fairy Duster. A great shot. We left there and went to a house that had at least 40 feeders out both front and back. They too had a Buffy. We left there and went to another house that was a little way out of town. They had a huge lake in their back yard. Probably nice until the bugs get after you. They had a lot of hummers, but probably less than the other folks. They had a star bird though - an adult male Rufous HB. The others that we saw looked like they were hatch year birds. This guy was a beauty. Lovely landscaped yard.

Okay it was time to gas up and stop for dinner - didn't want to drive out to the campground and then come back in. So we gassed at Wal-Mart and then stopped at K-Bob's for steak. It was really good - at least mine and T's was. Ron got the ribeye and it looked pretty sorry. Both T and I had a too go box and we shared a dessert.

Tomorrow Ron and T will head for home about 10 a.m. Should get them home by 2 p.m. I'll make a last run thru the Vendor area to see if they have any good things on sale, then head back to the rig. Probably have HB' sitting on empty feeders shouting at me because the juice will be gone.

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