Saturday, April 21, 2012

Renewing Old Acquaintances

In 1962 and 1963 I lived in a rooming and boarding house and it was aptly called "The Byrd House". I had three or four different roommates while living there. For quite some time one of my room-mates and I have swapped e-mails about getting together.

We have each gone quite separate routes to adulthood. She married, had 3 children, became a music teacher first in Oklahoma and then in Texas. She has now retired and though her husband lives in Oklahoma she lives with her son in Texas and has for some 4 or 5 years. She retired 2 years ago. She has a daughter with grandchildren in Oklahoma and a daughter that is solo in Florida.

I have remained single and have made several career and personal preference moves. I retired 3 and half years ago. I live in my RV fulltime and tow my HHR behind me.

Finally, this week we managed to arrange our schedules so that we able to meet on Friday and Saturday. I forgot my camera Friday....I hate it when I do that. But I did remember it Saturday. So we took a few pics.

This is a first for my new camera....a set the timer, hit the button and sit back. Myself, Carol and her son James. Thanks James for setting up the shot!

The view over the railing at the Oasis in Austin for lunch Saturday.

Her son James contemplating the view.

A little art in the court yard. Busy background, sorry.

The butterflies were busy.

I really liked this pattern. Can't see much butterfly, but pretty pattern.

A trip to Zilker Park among the myriad of millions today. Nice water fall running into the river.

Carol on the bridge riverside.

We had a nice visit and caught up on where she taught and her children and grandchildren. Talked about my RVing to Alaska this summer and other places I might go. Departed with the idea we might get together and hike after church tomorrow.

Nice to get together with friends from your past.


  1. Those are some serious looking people in the first picture! I loved the rest of the pictures; they are great.

    1. You bet, we had just finished eating and you know how I am with food. The sun was pretty serious.

  2. You're getting very good at posting pictures, keep it up! It's fun to reconnect with old friends.

    1. Decided to make albums in Picasa and then upload the album. Picasa is so easy to use with the blog. I am finally enjoying doing this. Yes it is fun reconnecting with friends from the past.