Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lawton, OK

Gas fill up with 48.785 gallons at $3.619 in Wichita Falls. Car fill up in Lawton at 3.499. Shoulda waited. That is always the saying except when it is glad I got it cheaper.

Well my plans to stay at the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge was not realized. I was about 2 hours late to get a camping spot. So I went back down off the mountain and started checking out the campgrounds that the Refuge personnel gave me. No luck getting anything so I drove down the road and found a Grand Pointe Campground. They had 6 electric and water spots available. I backed in, but it would have taken about two or three trees worth of lumber for me to get level, so I called and told them I would not be able to stay. I then called the campground across the street and they had a full hookup pull thru for $30. Best I could do.

Town of Mineral Wells has this very unique looking building that can be seen from a far distance. As you get closer you can see that it has lots of broken windows and is probably not used for anything. However it is interesting.

A lot of little flags on the on the ples in the town and they say, help keep Mineral Wells Crazy.

This is what dinner looked like at the Catfish buffet.

My sister and brother-in-law.

Cindy and David

We had a great dust storm yesterday afternoon, but I didn't get any shots of the do you capture that? Not sure as all the pics came out hazy. The wind finally died down last night by 10 p.m. Today it has kept below 15 but some gusts are up close to 30.

Will hit the road again tomorrow. Not sure where I am headed from here, but Monday I need to be in OKC to have a filling replaced in a back molar.


  1. Good eats at the Catfish Buffet! To bad you had so much trouble getting a cg.

    1. Never had a choice of thick or thin catfish before. The thick was really great. I learned from the cg experience.

  2. It was good of Nance to stop by on her way up to Alaska. The picture she didn't take was of the meal she made Saturday night. It was awesome. All have a good time up in the north 40 don't let the bears BITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks sis! Didn't even think about taking a photo of our dinner. Come on up and I'll do it tonight. We will watch the bears!