Monday, April 23, 2012

My new ladder

I decided to not carry my 6 ft ladder on the back of Suite Pea because it was really pretty much useless. Not near tall enough. A few of us RVing women discussed the possibility of getting one of the new 'telescoping' ladders. After not being able to clean my dirty slide toppers because nothing was tall enough, I bit the bullet, made the decision to get a 12 1/2 ft. So I researched for the best price and found that Walmart did have the best price and with free shipping to my local store, I did it! Maybe that's why I keep getting statements from those cc companies!

It arrived today and I picked it up. Look at this.

With the box it shipped in.

Looking good. 

Now how does it extend.

Looking greater and this shows the size better.

Can lift it very easily.

Got to get it up and wash some toppers now. Anyone want to come and demonstrate it?

This will store very easily in the basement as it is less than 6" deep. I am excited to have this new tool. Remember that I have not been on a ladder than I cannot fall off. If you see me laying on the ground, please call 911.


  1. Pretty cool but I want to know what keeps it from "untelescoping"? I don't want you making any quick trips down.

    1. The yellow things surrounding the stiles are part of the locking system. The locks are on the inside from the stiles (the long up and down alum pieces). It really works well. My normal quick trip down is missing the last couple of steps and falling the rest of the way. I think I am on the last step, but I don't double check and poof! There I am laying on the ground!

  2. I love it! But yes, what keeps it locked in place?

    1. The yellow things on the inside of the stile are locks. When they are locked you see a green dot. To take it down you push the locks back and the step 'falls' down but not all the way until the next lower step is released. They do caution you to "NOT" put your hand on the steps as you release the locks as you could get injured. It is really cool and fits laying down between my two chairs. Actually the chairs are 'thicker', and longer than the ladder but the ladder is wider.