Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lake Georgetown, TX COE Park

As I am headed North I decided to stop at Lake Georgetown and check out the COE parks that are here. I still have some unfinished things to complete before I leave for the summer. Need to get the car inspected and I have decided that I really do need a ladder. So I ordered a 12 1/2 foot telescoping one that should fit in the basement. So I am waiting on that to arrive at Wal Mart. Then I have my GPS to update the map. I have been I get the new Rand McNally RV GPS, keep my Garmin Truck GPS, get a one time update or get the lifetime update. Perhaps the answer will fall in my lap, or brain! Decisions, decisons.

This COE park, Cedar Breaks, is really close to Austin so I expected it to be full most of the week. I did make online reservations. There were some folks here Monday but many of them have left. They were quickly replaced more campers. Friday night proved that some folks don't know what 10 p.m quiet time means. They were still at it at 12:30 so I turned on the radio to some slow jazz and went to sleep. By Saturday night it was packed full. Hope tonight doesn't end up noisy like Friday night.

The water is low, of course, like most of the Texas lakes. But I think it would make a great kayaking lake. It has been pretty windy every day so I haven't ventured out in the kayak.

This Danger Keep Back sign is here for a reason.

Lots of cut back banks and they could crumble...yes even those thick rocks
could just fall right into the water.

Love that rock formation out there.

A little closer look.  Looks like it's bubbles burst.

On the morning hike I had blackberries.

And butterflies came by to say Hi!

As did this male Scissortailed Flycatcher. He has a mate and they are setting up
housekeeping in the area.

It is a nice park. Narrow roads and camp spots are
not all 'limb trimmed' or very level. Some are
lake side and some in the trees. One for each of us.

Nice, but I think I'll try the other COE campground, Jim Hogg, next time. I drove
over there this afternoon and many sites appear to be longer and more level. Hope
to be back here this fall after the crowds thin out a little.

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  1. That campsite looking out over the water would be perfect for my 5th with the big window in the back. You would want to pull in to get the view. What great butterfly pictures! All the pictures are crystal clear. It is so nice to see them along with your narrative.