Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Preparation for heading North to Alaska

Currently trying to get everything completed so that I can turn the GPS to the North. Need to get my car inspected and buy a lottery ticket so I can win.

Completed having the warranty work done on the rig today. I have learned a little about scheduling warranty work to be done. Find out how long it will take to do the work. Factor fudge of one hour and then schedule your work at 4 p.m. minus the number of work hours estimated. Will try that the next time. This time the appt was 10 and I got out at 4 p.m.  Already have an item for warranty work when I get back from Alaska. That's okay. Gotta get all this free stuff done while I can because one day it won't be free.

Now when I had the warranty work on the engine completed it was a different story. The Service Advisor said it would take most of the day. The recall letter said 4 hours. So I expected it to take 'most of the day'. Well I was late getting there....bad timing on my part and made a turn for the short cut road only to see....road work expect delays....too late as I was already committed in the turn. So I went down a ways and made a U-turn. You can do that in a Class A with a toad very easily, I found out! So was 45 minutes late. But they called me 3 hours later and told me it was ready to pick up. Could not believe it....actually they called me 2 times to tell me it was completed and ready for pick up. Bluebonnet Ford in New Braunfels on I-35 if you need Ford work done. I actually had taken my Class C there and had it inspected prior to tagging it.

Will be "free-basing" at Cabela's tonight. I didn't want to stay in their campground, so I decided to come over to the back of Cabela's. I did buy a pair or shoes in there today. So that is partial payment for the spot.  Have company with other travel trailers, and 5ers in the parking lot. Of course, there are bunches of tractor trailers. I parked by a trailer without tractor. That means he will be coming in about 3 a.m. and clunking around hooking up and then roaring out.

I will be heading out to Stonewall tomorrow for the Pink Flamingo GTG (rally). Should be a fun time with a bunch of fun loving RVing ladies. From Stonewall I will be heading up north of Austin for a couple of days and then I'll mosey thru west Texas staying at Texas State Parks. Will try to stay at one of the Oklahoma State Parks, too. I expect to meet up with some of the Lady Yahoo's ( I just made that up on the spot ) who are going to AK and it looks like it might be in Eastern Colorado. Now that would be pretty wonderful!


  1. Hi Nancy, I was contacted by a journalist and photographer doing an article for Marie Claire France on woman who full-time RV. I would be happy to pass on your info. Send me an email: anna@annasullivanphotography.com

  2. Glad to see your post. Pholly parked in the drive yesterday and is patiently waiting to head out tomorrow. Can't wait.