Monday, April 16, 2012

Aaahh! It is over...for now

Well, we had a great time at the Pink Flamingo GTG. Great bunch of ladies (okay, from now on they are girls). Lots of food, a few miles on the cars, eye balls that were sore from looking at all the wildflowers, doggies that got to meet old friends and make new friends. Fun, fun, fun.

Here is where we get started. Colleen, Sue, Carolyn, Martha, Loretta and Pat.

The two sponsors, Diana and Karen, had things planned for every day. They were a lot of fun things as those two are silly girls.

My lunch.

Colleen had this one.

I think that Martha did this one.

What a terrible restaurant. You know I don't eat out often, so when I do it is quite special. The food was okay, but the service was a -10 out of a possible +5. I won't ever go back there again, nor will I recommend it to anyone else. Again the food was okay, the service was terrible.

On to better things....LBJ State Historic site and LBJ National Historic site, whatever. I forgot my camera that day. Just as well, I guess. There were a lot of things that I could identify with as we, too, were farm people. Farming was not always easy and the life for the females was really a bit trying. Life for the males was a lot, I mean a lot of really hard manual labor. I was amazed with the milk products...clabber milk (great with salt and pepper) that will become cottage cheese, butter, and of course milk. Eggs that did not have to be refrigerated as they rarely had any food other than what they were able to scratch up.  Butter did not have to be refrigerated as it was just milk and a little salt.

I remember getting little chicks by mail order from western AR. Mom would send a post card and ask when they would have chicks and how much they were. They'd send back a post card with the info. She'd mail them cash on Tuesday or Wednesday and we'd get the chicks on Saturday. Put them in a coop with a heat lamp and within 2 months 90% of them would be in the jar or later the freezer.

After the tour we went into Johnson City and ate at the Pecan Brewery. What a great place to eat. Not only was the food wonderful, the service was absolute outstanding. I highly recommend this as a great place to eat. We went in with a group of about 18 people. We were about an hour late (yep Diana let me know we would be later), but they were as nice as could be about that. Seems that if we had been on time it would have been during their lunch hour and it would have been really busy. So they were kind of glad we were late. Look it up if you go thru Johnson City. It is off US290 and Ave G going north about 1 block and it's on the left.

This is a visit to the Wildseed shop. Just gorgeous flowers, well and some other goodies too.

Great place to go after a good meal.

Back to the rockers.....

Sunday morning was a PJ Breakfast and Bad Hair contest.

There was no winner of the Bad Hair contest. A winner for the most decorative PJ set was announced and here she is in all her flamingos.

The hat was the prize. Looking good Suzy Q.


  1. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

  2. Great post...with pictures!

  3. Fantastic post with great pictures. I knew you could do it! Hope to see lots more.