Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wichita Falls stop - going North

I drove the 260 miles from Georgetown to Wichita Falls area to Lake Arrowhead State Park. This is a really nice park. The campsites are in a wagonwheel configuration with 6 camping spots in each circle. They have picnic tables and a fire ring. Lots of shade trees all the way around. The tent sites are set away from the RV area and the equestrian is away from in another section.

Lots of butterflies were out. Unfortunately, on the road up I probably hit a few hundred of them as they were plastered all over the front of my rig and the windshield is really 'gutted' with their remains.
Red Admiral


Red Admiral
New blossoms on this treet and it was loaded with the butterflies.

Variegated Fritillary
One got caught on the tag.

I know, not a butterfly but how pretty.

A male ladderback.

A female ladderback


Prairie dog parent and many babies in the whole.

A very excited PD

The following pics are of the campground sites. Really a nice campground.

This one is occupied.

Another site occupied!

Now the lake area. It is low like about all the rest of the lakes in Texas, but not as low as I had anticipated.

Headed to O K L A H O M A!!!


  1. .....where the wind comes sweepin down the plain!

    Happy to read that you are headed NORTH. :)

    1. The Wind did SWEEP! Looking forward to the adventure. Here's hoping you have a fantastic summer with the girls in TX and the boys in CA. Will follow you!!

  2. Great pics! Now which kind of Oriole was that?

    1. My first field giz says Bullocks but the second one says Baltimore. But if you look at it close it could pass for a Baltimore x Bullocks. It would be the on the far eastern edge for the Bullocks and far souther edge for the Baltimore. I had lost a lens from my eye glasses and so tried to get a good shot...he kept moving!!

  3. Looks like the park has improved since the last time I was there. The trees have grown. You didn't get a picture of the oil derricks in the lake though. I remember the first time I saw that.

    1. Will go back to my photos and see if I can blow one up to show the derricks. It is pretty funny looking, but then I am used to seeing them in places like that, actually seeing them everywhere.