Sunday, April 29, 2012

North to Oklahoma City

Well as I was leaving Lawton this a.m. Love's had lowered their gas from $3.499 to $3.459, so I pulled in and topped off Suite Pea...only 15 gallons. Sure enough I get down the road and it is $3.339. Don't you just love it! As my friend Liz would say, "it is what it is"!

I had an interesting drive up the toll road yesterday and today. I paid $3.00 for the first toll yesterday and it was 4 axles. Today at Chickasha toll booth I paid $3.25 for 4 axles and at Newcastle I paid $3.00 for 4 axles. The road was pretty nice and I only had a little sprinkles. I figure if I was able to beat the rain, it was worth it.

I am staying at the Rockwell RV Park. It is pretty large and they have added spaces to it. I find it surprising that the City isn't crawling with RV parks. After all it is in the center from Dallas/Ft Worth or Wichita Falls, and Kansas City, Wichita, Amarillo, Ft. Smith/Little Rock, a bit further for Denver and a little less for Tulsa. But it doesn't have that many. The additional spaces are probably for the oil frackers. It is sprinkling now and I hear thunder in the distance. This park also has a hidey hole for tornadic activity. (Yeah, if you want to have a tornado, they have a room for it!) Spaces are pretty close together, but then they are at most parks these days. Have a jazillion birds around here. I hear the Baltimore Oriole, Western Kingbird, EURO stars, collared doves, mockingbird, house sparrows, common grackles, saw a soaring Swainson's Hawk (what a beauty).

Had a friend come by for quick peak at my new digs. Will see her again before I leave. She is great to travel with and loves to travel. But she is doing that four letter word - W O R K!

Dentist tomorrow then hook up to hit the road early Tuesday as the forecast is "Windy". If it is too bad, I'll get off the road, but lots of times here the wind won't get up until around 11 or so. I will have about 150 miles. So that is about 3 hours. If I get a good start I could be there before noon. And if it is a really good start I'd be there before heat build up. Goal = Up and out of here early!

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  1. Glad to see you are making your way okay. Had to head back east again but not too far. I hope the Oklahoma turnpike roads have improved. We put many miles on them heading to Michigan and they were always rough and always torn up.