Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A stop in Oklahoma City

Well I thought that I had lost part of a filling from a tooth. That happened last year and so when I found a small piece of a foreign object in my mouth, I just knew I had lost part of a filling. In my near panic, I called my Dentist to see if they could work me in to fix it before I continued on my trip to Alaska. They were able to work me in and so I took my jello plans and moved them around and drove to OKC from Lawton on Sunday. My traveling through OK and CO have to include keeping a sharp eye out on what the weather is forecast to be doing.

I was lucky in having the Saturday night storm near Lawton, scoot north of me and there were more coming for Sunday. So I drove on to OKC and stayed at a park that I knew had a hidey hole. Sunday night we had a few storms slithering around the state. But nothing running on the ground.

Monday I slept late and got up and started moving around about 8 in the morning.

My older brother called and came by to visit and see my new home. I made my visit with the Dentist right on time.

Here are the folks that keep me in line with my teeth and their care.

They have been keeping them cleaned and filled for quite a long time. Doc was my first dentist, not too long after he started his practice. There have been a couple of times that I screwed up and let someone else in my mouth. He can take out and put in a filling without giving me a shot. Now that’s good!

Much to my chagrin, I had not lost any part of a filling. You know that means that I had some ‘ACK, ACK’ in my food. Now I wish I could remember what I was eating…..think it was some kind of chicken enchiladas. Oh, well, it didn’t kill me. Doc did clean my teeth for me while I was there. Will be back to see them next year sometime.

Had a lot of birds abounding in the RV park. Here is a shot of a Baltimore Oriole. I didn’t get any photos of the Western Kingbirds, the Swainson’s Hawk, Eurasian Collared Doves or the buffalos.

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  1. Having a cleaning is soooo much better than needing a filling. Must have been a piece of bone.