Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Arctic Circle - RETURN TRIP

At the Arctic Circle we did some photo ops.

There is a BLM campground 1/2 of a mile up the road.

Our van

Ready?  - Wait a minute, we just pulled out of the parking lot and around to the sign. Are we still 1 mile from the circle? Uh, we are now at a 'who knows'. Bill, our driver, says no it's right up there.

 We were scheduled for dinner at the  Yukon River for 6:30 p.m. I thought we were dying to get there.

Really? You think?!

Afternoon brings more BT's.

No, No, No! Say it ain't so! Stop!!!

Yep, this is what we see, bug guts and dust! 

Still the same! 

Okay, we are clear to go now!


You mean we can only go 30 around the curve down the hill?

Awright, she said! Dinner! Hope it's better than the breakfast thing! It really was much than Breakfast. They had clean restrooms and had taken our orders earlier in the day when we were there so, it was only a short time before my Salmon Burger and cup of Salmon Chowder (soup) was served. It was great. I brought have the burger home with me for the next day. While we were stopped we walked down to the mighty Yukon River and did some pic taking. There was a barge down there. It is an active barge. Very interesting.

There is a bicylist on the bridge. He is headed back to ??? 

Remind you of the goats and sheep on the hills at Glacier National Park?

The river runs in the summer at around 33 degrees. Doesn't warm much more than that. Ice break up is mid-May and freeze up starts in September and is complete in ooops I forget Oct or Nov end.

Liz taking photo.

Gull, I think California, but not sure, too lazy to look it up. Red orbital, dark eye, no bill marks.
yellow legs. Beautiful bird!

Another 81 miles. You have most of that scenery on the way up.

Is the sun setting? No just a cloud? No sunset really for the next about 4 days.

My favorite pic of the trip. Pretty accidental shot. Uh, no I planned that, really I did! NOT!

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