Saturday, June 30, 2012

Travel day Taklanika to Healy

Today we left Taklanika Trading Company for Healy. We made a stop to go to the end of Stampede Trail. We were checking it out to see if we wanted to boondock down there. Before we got to the end of the road, I said, I'll not be bringing Suite Pea down this road. When we got to the end of the road Eight Mile Lake was there. It was, of course, wet and and loaded with 'skeeters'. They decided it wasn't suitable for boondocking. So we drove back out and headed to Healy.

Filled up with gas at $4.399 per gallon. That's a lot cheaper than at Nenana which was $4.699. We drove out west of town and found a 'rugged' RV/tent campground near the Lions Club Park. It is really a nice setting. It isn't really well kept, but has to do die for view for us. They also have bikes, canoes, kayaks for rent. It backs up to the lake which has Scaup and Horned Grebes, mallards, Wigeons.

We are off to Denali National Park tomorrow. May see you at the NPS visitor center if you happen to be looking at it most of the day. This is what I got from my SIL. So I'll be doing it.

"If you go to the kiosk in front of the visitor's center and look up on the visitors center roof. You'll see a white box. That's the go.nps/youarehere web cam. Face it and call us. We'll be able to see you. Wear something bright. You can't see a lot of details but you can make out colors people are wearing."
Walked around the campground and have observed White-Crowned Sparrow, Fox Sparrow, Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Cassins Finch, Juncos.

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  1. On to Denali!!! It would really be neat to "see" you there.